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  • car rental

Choose from a wide variety of cars in all sizes, also available for a daily or weekend rental plan.

  • Direct flights

We offer the cheapest international and domestic ticket prices, which you can book online or after ariving.

  • hotel guide

From the most known hotels to the hippest AirBNB apartments, you’ll find out the best place to stay.

  • attractions

The clubs, the bars, the live shows. There is so much to do in Tel Aviv, and so little time to do it.

  • restaurants

Enjoy the finest cuizine Israel has to offer, from local Israeli street food to the top chef menus.  

  • nightlife

If it’s fun you’re after, it’s fun you are going to get. Explore the TA music scene and find out what it’s all about.

welcome to tel aviv

Don't miss attractions like the Promenade, Hacarmel market, Neve Tzedek and many more.

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Angela Atkinson

Angela Atkinson

Now that my bonafides are out of the way….I want to tell you about what brings me alive, what I care about.  

Connection and witnessing people come alive . . . there is absolutely nothing more thrilling.  It’s what I feel I was put here to do.

 Whether it’s teaching my students or working with clients, I am filled with questions. What excites you?  What do you care about?  As poet Mary Oliver asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

These answers become the chapters of a story . . . your story.

This narrative (my definition of “marketing”) can’t be told from a 2-D perspective.  They are rich, complex, and nuanced; they are multi-dimensional requiring words, imagery, and your truth. 

This form of marketing demands a telling of the entire arc of the narrative of your vision:  your values and what you care about, your aesthetic, your principles, and yes, your financial objectives and goals. 

My team and I are big picture thinkers.  With a background in business and the creative arts of photography, video, and writing, I bring my whole self to my clients in supporting their vision.

This marriage of the creative and the analytical feeds my desire to produce something beautiful and results-driven. Inspiring while calling people to action.  Touching hearts and minds.

Let’s talk about ways we can support the telling of your story. 

Mark Reitz

Mark is ………….